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~ Fine, I'll just run away then

~ The Great BB Gun War of 1983




Heaven's Heroes

In the skies above occupied France in June of 1944, an Army Air Corp Speery gun turret operator, Sgt. James A. Malcolm, is forced to abandon his burning B17 Flying Fortress and parachute to the incensed ground below.

Unbeknownst to Jim, he is floating towards the same scarred battleground his father is fighting on. Captain Wendell Malcolm of the 101st Airborne division and his Fox company is in a full-fledged ground battle against the Nazi’s trying to gain a foothold before the major invasion of Normandy.

After finding each other through the chaos, the father and son must help each other get through the thick hedgerows of Normandy to reach the Allied held territory of the D-Day beaches, but to do so, they must stay ahead of the pursuing Nazi’s and keep out of Nazi gun sights. (19 Pages)



The Halloween Party

Halloween is coming and it’s time to get ready for the annual Halloween Party. Family and friends gather for the fun and festivities on a cool October night. Kids and adults enjoy the spooky atmosphere, costumes, amazing decorations and remarkable Halloween inspired food…and then take a jaunt down the haunted trail. Family fun with a spooky ending. (7 Pages)




Smells Like Fall

A warm family story of the Townsend family enjoying a fall season weekend of festivities like visiting a cider mill and pumpkin patch for donuts, cider, a hay ride and selecting those perfect pumpkins for Halloween. (7 Pages)






Holiday Cheer

A small town family Christmas story with Ryan, Beth, their three kids and two dogs enjoy a wonderful Christmas holiday at the town’s Christmas Eve holiday parade where Santa is the man of the hour. The weekend is also filled with the school’s holiday pageant, making cookies and Christmas day filled with unwrapping gifts, sledding, building a snowman and enjoying a family dinner. (18 Pages)




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